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We are pleased to announce that ACTS has joined St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates.

SPHPMA is one of the Capital Region’s largest multi-specialty physician groups with more than 850 physicians and advanced practitioners in more than 100 locations.

To learn more about SPHPMA, click here.



Albany Cardiothoracic Surgeons is the oldest heart surgery practice dedicated to cardiothoracic surgery in the Capital District. Our history is a 50-year long tradition of working as a coordinated team to provide expert, high quality, compassionate cardiothoracic surgical care. We serve residents in a broad tri-state area, centered in the Capital District of New York.

Albany Cardiothoracic Surgeons is the exclusive provider of cardiac surgery at St. Peters Hospital in Albany, New York. Our services range from the latest techniques of minimally invasive surgery to the most complex and difficult surgery requiring combinations of traditional and advanced techniques. Our surgical results have surpassed both the state and national standards.

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  • We treat all persons with dignity, hospitality and compassion, calling forth their best human potential.
  • We provide comprehensive services that support healthy communities, including quality medical care with holistic approaches to healing body, mind and spirit.
  • We care for and strengthen the ministry and all resources entrusted to us.
  • We advocate for accessible health care and quality of life for all, especially those who are poor.
  • We respond with courage and integrity to needs for services in a rapidly changing health care environment.


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